Country Style Kitchens

How To Create A Beautiful Country Kitchen

A country kitchen will look beautiful in a period home or a modern home. Mixing traditional materials with modern appliances means you can have your dream country kitchen no matter what type of property you live in.

Choose solid wood for your cabinets which can be painted, waxed or varnished. Country-style kitchens usually feature a kitchen table which can double up as a work service. Or install an island which can incorporate the hob. Wooden worktops in oak will also add to the style.

Open shelving also adds to the country feel. Use them to display glass jars of herbs and spices or your favourite country-style dinner service.

If you have the room another country-style feature is a wooden dresser. It can have open shelves or glass doors. It’s another place you can show off a dinner service or use it to store dried goods in stone jars.

Stone Sinks

When it comes to food preparation and washing up a true country sink comes in ceramic or stone. Butler’s sinks were designed to be used in the Butler’s Pantry during the Victorian period. They are deep because it was important in those days to re-use the water as it wasn’t as readily available as it is now.

The Belfast sink, as the name suggests was designed in Belfast it is usually slightly deeper than a Butler’s sink and also longer. You can buy a Belfast sink with a double bowl.  An alternative to a Belfast or Butler sink is the Farmhouse sink. These sinks aren’t as thick so they do look slightly more elegant, but otherwise, they look the same as a Belfast or Butler’s sink.

Up Above

Another feature of a country kitchen is a rack suspended from the ceiling. This can be used to store cast iron saucepans. A good place for kitchen rack is above a kitchen island or a solid wood kitchen table. You can also hang herb pots with laurel, rosemary and parsley.

The Country Oven

When it’s time to choose kitchen appliances you can pick an Aga or a range cooker that looks traditional but has all the features of a modern oven. They are now available in a variety of colours too, so you can make the cooker a focal point if you want to. Fridges and freezers are also available in retro style and you can match the colours with a traditional kettle and a retro toaster.

Brass and Copper

Don’t forget to keep the country look when you’re thinking about lighting. Pendant lights in brass or copper can look stunning and will complement the modern under cabinet lighting you need to illuminate your worktops.

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