If the kitchen is the heart of your home then you’ll want a space tailored to suit your lifestyle. Each kitchen crafted by Anthony Jackson means you have your own hand crafted unique design kitchen.

Your bespoke kitchen will be the perfect combination of elegance and functionality. A room in which you can create delicious food, entertain and relax. .


kitchen consultation

It’s important for us to understand what you want from your fitted kitchen, so that we can design a perfectly crafted kitchen just for you. The first step then is a personal consultation.

Anthony will listen to your ideas and also provide help and guidance on style, design and materials. He will then create a tailor-made design based on your requirements and his suggestions as agreed.

brass options for fine furniture
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Hi Fi Audio Cabinet in White Lacquer Anodised Aluminium and Black Laminate
brass options for fine furniture

For a perfectly crafted and individual fitted furniture design, an in depth, personal consultation is the first step. During this consultation clients are taken through the many choices available to them, allowing them to select only the options that work for them. The design consultation also allows clients share their ideas and to be carefully advised to ensure the very best end result.

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Each and every kitchen designed  is crafted from the highest quality materials to fit the function perfectly. Whether you choose solid timbers such as oak or walnut, stone, marble or a contemporary veneer finishes, your kitchen will not only look beautiful but it will be built to last generations.

 kitchen cabinets

Each kitchen cabinet is crafted using modern and traditional techniques by expert British kitchen cabinet makers who specialise in producing high-quality furniture. Once your kitchen has been manufactured it will be installed by skilled technicians who use precision and care to make sure your kitchen is perfect from day one.

 commissioning a kitchen

After the initial consultation, the vision you have for your kitchen will be set down in a brief which will include design details, timeline and budget. Once all aspects of your kitchen requirements have been agreed Anthony can then move on to the design stage. Once you have approved the design and made a deposit payment the manufacturing process can begin.

commissioning furniture

 dining room furniture

Create an individual and unique space for hosting in your home with a fitted dining set or surrounding dining room furniture. During the design consultation, clients can explain how they use their space to allow the designer to create a personally practical, yet luxuriously stylish design, including contemporary storage space and bespoke table and chairs.

dining room furniture

 living room furniture

Fitted furniture within the living room can span from luxury cinema rooms with built-in shelving to contemporary, full-wall storage systems. Each piece is designed specifically to suit the client’s lifestyle and taste and to help create a relaxing and stylish room in which to unwind and spend time with family. Inspired by the desire to create quality designs, Anthony Jackson can make any house a home with his modern fitted furniture.

living room furniture

 dining room furniture

Anthony Jackson also creates bespoke pieces for your dining room. His tables, chairs and cabinets are beautifully crafted from timber such as rosewood and walnut, or brass, copper and bronze. You can choose traditional or modern styles manufactured by British craftsman.

fitted furniture

Fitted Audio Visual Cabinet[4931]

Bespoke fitted furniture is an option in rooms where built-in designs create an efficient use of space. Anthony’s designs will fit seamlessly into any room in your home to give you extra space and storage where it is needed.

fine furniture design and manufacture
confidence and quality of supply of fitted furniture

Designing with client’s taste, lifestyle and budget in mind, allow your home to transform with beautifully crafted fitted furniture for all types of interior spaces. From fitted dining sets and offices to stunning Hollywood dressing rooms, bring your vision to life and make the very most of all your available space.