Modern Fitted Kitchens

Function and Style – The Perfect Combination in a Modern Kitchen

A modern kitchen combines high-quality units with the latest appliances. Streamlined designs will make the most of your light and space whatever the size of your kitchen.

A modern kitchen can feature cabinets without handles to create a sleek, streamlined look. High gloss and lacquered units are also popular. Or, you might want an Oak fitted kitchen which isn’t just for the country look. This versatile timber can also be used to create a modern kitchen space.

A Bespoke Kitchen That’s On-Trend

Your appliances can be Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connected so you could have your meal warming in the oven while you’re on your way home from work. Integrated appliances add to the modern look and you can choose to have them in traditional white, stainless steel, black or a stand-out colour.

Kitchen islands can replace a table if you’re short of space. An island can be used as a breakfast area or a place to sit for pre-dinner drinks. If you love cooking an island can give you a larger working area or you can incorporate a hob and/or a sink within the worktop.

All About Worktops

Worktops need long-lasting, high-quality materials:

Granite is hard-wearing and you can place hot objects on the worktop surface. But, you must be careful with wine or stains from citrus fruits.

Oak, of course, is a natural material. It can scratch and stain, but for some people this adds to the rustic appeal. It can be lacquered and varnished which will protect the wood.

Quartz is durable and available in a variety of colours. It’s anti-bacterial and very easy to clean and maintain.

Marble is another natural material you can use on your worktops. Each piece is unique and you can choose marble in a range of colours and patterns.

The industrial look is also popular, especially with those people who spend a lot of time cooking. The industrial look means using stainless steel. These worktops are easy to clean, strong and heat resistant.

Corian is a natural stone with added wood and resins to give it strength. It is also scratch, water and stain-resistant making it an ideal material for kitchen surfaces.

If your kitchen is small think about using glass. Glass is durable and can take heat. It can be cut to any size or shape and will make a small space appear larger.

Stay On Trend

Trends for 2019/2020 include opaque glass fronted cabinets which, from the outside give you a hint of what’s stored inside. Splashbacks in glass are popular, or in steel for an industrial feel.

Having a bespoke designed kitchen means you can choose your own colour scheme. Darker colours make a real design statement, while paler colours show off a modern kitchen’s clean lines.

If you’re interested in a modern kitchen design, get in touch with Anthony Jackson by phone or email to make an appointment for a consultation.