Shaker Style Kitchens

Timeless Elegance With A Shaker Kitchen

If you want your kitchen to have clean lines with a minimalist design that won’t date, then choose a high-quality Shaker kitchen.

Shaker History

Shaker kitchens originated in the mid-18th century. The style was designed by craftsman from a religious group called the Shakers. They were a break-off group from the Quakers. They founded their sect in about 1747. They had powerful women preachers and began spreading their message firstly in Bolton and then in Manchester in the North of England. But, they fled to America around 1774 to avoid persecution and settled in New York.

The Shakers believed in creating beautiful furniture without frivolous adornments. Kitchens were made to a high standard using local timber such as pine and cherry.

Today the Shaker style is synonymous with elegance and functionality. It can be created using a mix of traditional and modern materials. You can create an individual look for a kitchen in a Victorian terrace or a modern residence.

The Shaker Look

To create an authentic Shaker look choose a pale colour for your kitchen cabinets and then have stand-alone appliances like a retro fridge or cooker in a pastel colour.

Original shaker cabinets had wooden knobs because they believed in making use of available materials. Now though you can choose pretty ceramic knobs or add glass, or brass to your cupboard doors. Traditional brass bin pulls also suit the shaker look.

If you want to be modern you can use flat or tubular bar pulls. A quirky feature you can add that has an authentic Shaker feel is a peg rail. Placed underneath your wall cabinets it can be used to place round pegs to hang cloths and tea towels or hooks for cups and mugs. Use wicker baskets for storage on an open shelf to create a real shaker country kitchen.

Worktops in the Shaker era were wooden. Today timber worktops are still popular, but the shaker style will also still look fabulous with modern surfaces like marble, quartz and granite.
Embracing Retro.

Retro style appliances will go well in your Shaker kitchen, especially coloured range ovens and fridges and freezers. Your other appliances and your cooker hood can be in traditional stainless steel. The beauty of a Shaker kitchen is that the high-quality cabinets can be professionally repainted if you want to renew the look after a few years. This is because the cabinets and cupboards in the Shaker style are timeless.

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